Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In other music news

Hey everyone, I have been gone a couple of months, in the process of moving-hence not a lot of new things musically. All of my stuff is still available, still the pay what you want deal (or free from various labels and websites). Coming up soon is a track I contributed to the No Tone project curated by Ian Downey of Rochester. Also a track on an upcoming Carbon records compilation of Rochester noise artists. The Gallery has now closed it doors, sad to see it go, but happy for the curators moving on to bigger and better things. I participated in a couple of recording sessions for them which may see the light of day soon. And of course I have some music I have been sitting on for several months which will get released at some point. If I end up playing out anywhere I will try putting it up here. Stay well

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Ryne said...

Good to hear from you, Matt. Hope all is well and can't wait to hear some new music. Sadly, I have not heard your current releases but am working on giving a listen.

Have you heard of the website Gimme Sound (http://www.gimmesound.com)?
It's a site that pays its artists for each download of their songs and donates some of the money towards a charity of your choice. It seems pretty cool, and I've posted my two Shapeshitter songs up there (to no avail, though - but I'm not looking to make money). Just something I thought might interest you.

Take care =)