Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am excited, as always, to be included in the latest release from Output Noise (please to be visiting their website at for subscription information). Other releases I appear on remain available from them, please support their admirable endeavors. I am grateful to Jeremy and Colleen, and of course the other musicians, for their efforts. On this recording I appear on track 5, which is only a couple of minutes. It is noteworthy to mention I do not play guitar on this track, but drums. The other performances are also stellar, as is typical of the high quality of the NR series of CDs. Again, please visit their website and consider becoming a subscriber.
In other news, briefly, my performance with Joe (actually John Horner) on his day tour was successful. Much thanks to Joe, John, and Cameron (for his assist with the amp and effects). My performance at the House of Hamez the following day was also a success-in spite of scaring off the 'folkies', which isn't all that bad a thing actually. Much gratitude to James and best of luck to him in securing a new venue. Thanks also to the folks that showed up and listened, and especially Ed Downey who played the last ten minutes with me and helped bring an eerie and ambient end to the set.
I always remain interested in opportunities to play live, solo or with others, so feel free to contact me as you see fit.
I am participating with the gamelan ensemble at ESM this year, after a hiatus. This is an excellent group of musicians, as well as people and I am thrilled to be back.
More releases loom on the horizon, you'll hear about them here as they become more concrete. Thanks for listening and be well.

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