Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hey now-just home from the INC which was quite good. I was glad to see friends from the scene here. I've been absent lately, mostly due to the ESM Gamelan ensemble-our concert is Monday April 26 at 8PM at Kilbourn Hall. $18 gets you in for a great show with costumes, dancing, and of course music!
Hopefully in the coming months I can get out to play some more-my goal this summer is to do a couple of collaborations with friends in the scene. If you are interested drop me a line and hopefully we can set a time up to work on some ideas. Solo music has been slow-another goal is to get a CD of material prepared for some kind of release. Some irons are still in the fire-an (archival) Urknee and Bjurton Live 2CD is due out soon, a couple of compilations may still be in the works, and an supporting cast member role on a soon to be released NPV CD coming out on Chocolate Monk records in the UK. One more 'project' which may manifest itself-STRNG. Thanks for stopping by, and I always welcome comments!

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