Tuesday, January 20, 2015

No Tone Compilation (2009)

Really happy to present this to you-Rochester musician Ian Downey (half of the formidable Bloody Noes) conceived of a project where artists were to create pop songs containing no tones. As he writes:

"The No Tone Challenge was as simple as it was difficult:
(1) No notes, no melodies, no harmonies. No sound with any tonal center.
(2) Try to avoid cheesy electronic drum beats, if you can.
(3) Try to make the poppiest pop song you can.
Several different musicians, most of them from the Rochester area, but also some in other places, responded to the challenge. This is the first compilation of attempts at the great No Tone Challenge."

Several artists came up with novel and challenging works to present. There was a listening party at the Gallery of Potential Life Studios where we discussed the pieces in depth. Since 2009, the tracks have been waiting for public release, and now, you can judge them for yourself. Careful listening is encouraged, and I can vouch that all the artists are extremely open about their ideas. My piece is a "tribute" to a never made Jodorowsky film.

Thanks for listening, and hope to have more to share in 2015.


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