Thursday, October 2, 2008

Buying my CDs now cheaper and more convenient

Hi everyone-I am excited to announce that I am set up to accept Paypal transactions for purchasing CDs. With this change I am also going to revise my pricing structure. First a brief word on how Paypal works. It does "cost" me a little to accept Paypal (specifically 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD of every transaction). Keeping this in mind, CDs are now for sale at a price you choose. That's right, much like Radiohead and NIN have successfully implemented this year, you choose what you pay for my CDs! So when you know what you want to buy, head over to Paypal and send your payment to "", be sure you include the CD or CDs you want to order as well where to send the order to. Once funds have been received I'll follow up with you as far as what you ordered and when I ship it out. Remember that I do everything myself, so your patience is really appreciated, but I should be able to turn orders around in a matter of days. It probably costs me in total about $3.00 per cd, so you can use that as a "floor" if you'd like. Your consideration and fairness in doing business this way will help determine how much more music I can produce and get out to people. Thank you very much!