Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Light Slows Down

New CD available exclusively from The Gallery of Potential Life Studios. I've been participating in some really intense and interesting sessions on Sunday nights with the curator (Jeremy) and other musicians. I approached Jeremy about doing a release exclusively through them and all of the proceeds going directly to the gallery. He was quite enthusiastic about this, agreeing to handle the art side which I am blown away happy with. On the musical end, you are getting over an hour of new music touching on a variety of forms and moods; here you'll find drone, noise, and more melodic work-recorded entirely live and mostly improvised with quite a bit of post-production (some of this too was actually improvised). This is a really special release to me, and I hope you will visit the Gallery's website,, and remember that purchasing the cd directly and completely supports this great facility. Much thanks again to Jeremy and Colleen for their art design contributions and their support!

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