Sunday, January 25, 2009

Output Noise Document 3 Release

Fans of avant-garde music would do well to check out the newest release from the Gallery of Potential Life Studios. Every Sunday, Jeremy and Colleen host a night of electroacoustic improvisation, Output:NOISE. Musicians from a variety of backgrounds come and play without a net. Nothing is discussed beforehand-everyone just listens and plays. Jeremy, in addition to contributing on electronics, also records each session. He then reviews the performances and selects the very best for release. This is document 3-the first two are also available and excellent. This release includes performance elements of mine, playing bass and guitar. Here are my notes from the evening:
"No music when I got there. Figured I would start on bass. Ariel played drums and Jeremy electronics. It was OK-kind of kraut-rockish. My fingers started killing me. Then Rob (gtr) and Tera(vox) show up and we wrap the piece Ariel and I did. Then we did a swinging tune which I thought was quite neat sounding. The Greg (banjo and saw) showed up and I sat out for much of what they played because my fingers were in such pain, but I did join in at the end mostly scraping. Piece ends and I switch over to guitar. Simple/gentle F# minor melody comes to my fingers. I begin looping, etc., then just back to the simple melody. Greg starts playing saw-so sympathetic. I was hoping this would be the direction it took. Tera added very lovely voice to it, and Rob did little melodic bits. Greg switches to banjo. Ariel joins lightly after about 10 minutes. I lose track of time, my fingers hurt a lot but I keep playing. Switched to chord randomly just to keep things interesting. Played a short solo, right back to the head. The music decays into noisiness for the last 5 minutes. Really excellent piece though-I could tell people were digging it. I am hopeful it will end up on a future release. This makes the pain I am in now worth it-my own meditation work."
In addition to this session, there is also a segment from another evening featuring the sublime horns of Ed Downey and Ed Buscemi. I have had the good fortune to play with them (tonight both of them) and both are incredible players.
So head over to -you can secure your copy through a subscription to the gallery. For only 50 bucks you get this and future output noise releases and other goodies. Jeremy and Colleen can only continue to make things like this possible with support from the community. They are also still selling my solo CD "Light Slows Down" for 7 dollars-and all funds from that go directly to the Gallery. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you check it out I'll be interested to hear your thoughts!

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