Friday, February 6, 2009

I Stay In I Move Out

Given the changes I am undergoing-I find the title very ironic now. The attentive listener may be able to determine the source of both of these tracks. No hints from me-but once you have ideas and share them with me I will surely appreciate your input, then I'll fill you in on the process. Not enough? The re/depression got you down? What if I told you this cd was available for FREE!! My good friends at Love Torture Records take in an enormous volume of new, strange, heavy, dark music and put it all up for free on archive. They also include the art work if you want to make your own packaging. Click on the link for Love Torture Records in the right hand column and this is LTR 182. Huge thanks go to Dave who encouraged me to submit some work for an upcoming compilation (an edited version of track 2). I hope it makes you think and you enjoy it-as always I welcome any input. More to come soon!


Ryne said...

Very awesome.
I have also received Unfurled, nice work!

I stumbled across something the other day that I thought might be an interesting thing for you to try, and could possibly get you some more fans as well. There's a site called Album-A-Day where artists attempt to write and produce songs all in one day and then submit it to the site. There are some rules to follow, but other than that, it seems like free reign. The only catch is that it has to be available for free.

If you want to check it out, the website is

Just something I thought I'd pass on.

Matt said...

Yeah-I'll have to look at that site-I often will do all my recording over the course of a day. Glad you liked the stuff!