Tuesday, May 4, 2021



The rule of five applies tomorrow



$5 to download the new Pentameth Demon release


(Grim, Dark, Strange, Uncanny, Weird)

Free to stream

Sales will be donated and reciprocated with a note of thanks

Discography deal will be in effect for Bandcamp Friday

Thank you for listening


Friday, April 9, 2021

Coming May 2021- Pentameth Demon - Xargropthist


New release coming in May.
Released under the Pentameth Demon handle, Xargropthist is intended for COSMIC contemplations on the EERIE and UNCANNY.
Always free to stream when released, purchases will go towards charity with a personal note from me in thanks for your patronage. 
Art work from NASA's Hubble Telescope photography, manipulated by .../...


Saturday, March 13, 2021

Coming Soon - New release Dewfall Opulence, and thanks

New track, working with some of the more ambient sounds I've explored on recent releases. This one is called Trepalliant. This will be part of a new release later this year called Dewfall Opulence-I may or may not modify the image above (which is the track art setting). Also-created a new Bandcamp page for my solo stuff-I will probably put new tracks on the new page, and full releases on the Pentameth Demon page. We'll see...
Also super grateful for the listens to the latest full release - and excited to even get a sale out of it! As always, free to stream, and I try to keep the price point reasonable (and remember all sales go to chartity, and you'll get a personal note back from me) Thank you so much for the continued listens-more to come...




Thursday, March 4, 2021


I am a big fan of horror movies, especially the strange ones from Europe in the 1970's. One thing that has always appealed to me about these films is their soundtracks. Mostly they are not complicated and generally are kind of the same throughout the film. It occurred to me that a fun project might be to imagine a Giallo film that was "lost" and create a soundtrack to it. This is the result-an extension of my recent work on Scorched and Hexicene Level. I am grateful for my patient wife Jenny who I coerced into a scream which shows up here. I am very happy with the cohesiveness of this release, and I hope folks will enjoy it. 8 dollars to download and own, free to stream starting 3/5/2021. Perhaps a filmmaker will see this and be inspired to create The Devil's Velvet Puppet for the world to see!



Monday, January 4, 2021


Cover art for my second collection of poems and microfiction, likely will be completed in 2022.


Thursday, December 31, 2020

Hindsight-A Year in Review

The world, the country, the state, our city, and our household has had more than its share of stress and bad things happen this year. But I want to take a few moments to reflect on 2020, and to share some of the good things that have happened this year.

Jenny and I remain happily married-with all that has happened we remain glad to spend our days together. Jenny remains the chief reason why life is a good thing for me. I love her the most.

Rumi continues to be in good health overall and aside from a check up has not had to go to the vet for any emergencies this year. Every day he injects humor into my life. I love him second most.

I got down to my lowest weight since my early 20’s in March-discipline and activity in 2021 will get me back down from where I am now, and will hopefully carry me to my next goals. My sleep has largely been better this year. I haven’t had any health emergencies necessitating a visit to the doctor or convenient care. My back pain, which typically flares up in Autumn did not hit me as badly as in previous years. By being cautious I have not been exposed to Covid-19; 2021 will continue to be a time to be cautious before and after I get vaccinated.

My parents continue to be healthy and are largely heeding advice from health experts on staying safe and healthy.

My job continues to be a source of purpose, security, and stability. I am fortunate to be able to work from home. My supervisors think highly of me and my abilities, and I am respected by my co-workers. I developed a refined process for monthly Sunday updates to our databases that saves hours of work for myself and the team. In June I was chosen as co-chair of the hospital’s ethics committee, which is an unbelievable responsibility and honor for me. Also, in June I presented a talk on the Ethical Dimensions of Hospital Volunteerism. 2021 will see me co-presenting with the Ethics chair on our committee, and moderating a panel discussion on Physician Impairment.

I began writing more this year, and submitted poems and short stories to some of my favorite publications. A 2021 goal is to get some published work out there, with a longer-term goal of creating enough of my work into a second collection in 2022-3 (Black Ribbon and Other Perturbed Textiles is the likely title). It has been very gratifying to get positive responses from folks I respect about what I have written thus far. I have also become a beta-reader for some of my favorite authors, offering along with my “reader’s” perspective some basic proof-reading. I am proud to call these authors not just professional acquaintances, but also friends. I am excited to maybe be doing more of this in 2021.

This year also saw me returning to recording music. I finally was able to execute a project I have had in mind since 2016 called Pentameth Demon, thanks in large part to my oldest friend (since grade school) prompting me to consider the possibility of making music exclusively via computer. That released spawned 3 more releases this Autumn, the latest of which is an audio production of a Russian novella from 1905 (which was a result of an author friend’s recommendation). It has been surprising and awesome to see people giving these a listen on Bandcamp. 2021 will see me create/release a “faux”-riginal soundtrack to an imagined 1970’s Italian horror film that will hopefully show some continued evolution of sound and composition.

Lastly, I have been fortunate to have strong, supportive, and loving friendships with dozens of people. Their generosity inspires me to be a better person. They are close to my heart; their struggles and successes are my struggles and successes. I celebrate the chance to have them in my life, and eagerly await the day when I can see them in person again-in the meantime, technology allows for connection with them which has been a lot of fun. Carrying the lessons from my revelatory November 2019 trip to Rochester, and applying them, I have been able to reconnect with people I have not had the courage to reach out to previously. It has been both humbling and warming to be thought of well by these old friends, and I look forward to continuing this in 2021.

If you are reading this, I love you and appreciate you, and I wish you the very best 2021 can offer. Be safe, be healthy, and be happy. Better days are ahead.



Monday, December 28, 2020

Coming in 2021 - A Fauxriginal Soundtrack - IL BURATTINO DI VELLUTO DEL DIAVOLO (197?)


(art from the Intuiti deck-actual album art will be different)

In the 1970's, an unknown director from Italy released a giallo film called "Il Burrattino Di Velluto Del Diavolo" (or "The Devil's Velvet Puppet" in English). No known prints of the film exist today-however, Get Out of Jail Free Productions presents the Soundtrack to this obscure* piece of International Horror Sin-ema. 

Synopsis: A series of gruesome murders have the police baffled. The victims all have a piece of rope sewn into their scalps and hands. A reporter for the local newspaper is also on the trail after her boyfriend is one of victims. 

Coming in 2021.

*some would say, non-existant

Monday, November 16, 2020



Coming next month: The first spoken word release from Get Out of Jail Free Productions. The Red Laugh: Fragments of a Discovered Manuscript by Leonid Andreyev. Written in 1905, this very obscure novella explores the horror of war with an ear for the weird. Read from a translation by Alexandra Linden, this reading includes supplemental sounds to enhance the listening experience. The unadorned reading will likely get submitted to Librivox, while the enhanced recording will go up on Bandcamp. There is another compilation project in the works which may also use some readings from this novella. Stay tuned, and BEWARE THE RED LAUGH

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A story for the spooky season: 2:45 AM: The End of Reality

 The following was submitted for a micro-fiction contest; since it was not a finalist, it is submitted here for you to enjoy. Thank you for reading it.

2:45 AM: The End of Reality


Awake, the shadows moving, crawling along the wall. The dark shapes tumbling into other shapes, impossible shapes, and the panic blooms inside my chest. My eyes shifting right to left to up to down, adjusting to the gloom, I reach for my lamp. A click and a brief flash of illumination reveals an insect-like leg before the light is extinguished. I hear a sound like a clicking, but backwards, and a sub-bass growl, and a hiss of air inhaled. My heart thrumming madly, and an involuntary whine escapes my lips. I should not have read the passage last night. I should never have picked the cursed book up. I move against the wall-while solid it is canted at a strange, acute angle against my back. Trembling, I peer out of the window and I gape at the sight. The sky is dimly colored ochre, black smoke rising from the city. The skyscape is broken-I don’t recognize any of the familiar sights. In the air, undulating discs float setting those buildings still standing on green fire. Other things with four-jointed legs stalk the neighborhood. I hear the crunching of bodies under their steps, and the screams. Mine joins them as across the street I see the bulbous body of one of the beings. It turns and stares at me, uncountable eyes blinking, uncaring. The motion makes me at once dizzy and nauseous. I stumble, crying out, falling to my knees. Why did I read that book? My rational mind is slipping away, only an animal awareness of danger remains. My breaths are now jagged, along with sounds that aren’t words but expressions of my panic rising. I feel cold sweat pour off of my skin, a stink of pure terror. I writhe, worm-like, trying to move towards the closet, where I have my loaded gun. Inch by inch I slowly make my way, until an indescribable tearing sound assaults my ears. The roof of my home is peeled away, revealing the sky, now splitting, exposing black space. In the space, exploding pin-pricks of purple-blue light that I would have thought were stars exponentially increase in number. Then I realize it is them, them that my ignorance summoned. The terrifying harbingers decimating the neighborhood, the city, the world-they are nothing compared to them who were written about. My vision starts to wash out, only white after-images are what my mind can perceive. My body refuses to move other than seizures as the new occupants of reality pass into our dimension, and I know no more.


Monday, October 26, 2020

Matt Henshaw - Hexicene Level

Dark ambient and spooky sounds for the season. 10 tracks. 5 bucks on Bandcamp or stream for free.

Dance of the Woodsmen was created for a never produced compilation of tracks inspired by David Lynch.

All others were recorded at the end of October.

Thank you for listening.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Matt Henshaw - Scorches

New music available now - 8 tracks, around 30 minutes

One of the compliments I have received is that my music could work effectively with film. I have been interested in this for some time, and with that in mind created this "library" music, of a sort. Shorter pieces that can be put on in the background. Some is soothing, some is not. A good deal more palatable than the Pentameth Demon project.

Exclusively on Bandcamp - 5 bucks gets you a download - as always the majority of any money I make on this goes to charity.

If you like it, please share with those you think might also dig it. I am not the best at self promotion, and more ears on my work makes me happy.

Thank you for listening.


Tuesday, September 1, 2020


 New for 2020 -The Year of The Goat

Pentameth Demon is the natural progression of my THUD project which ended with a live performance in 2013.

Two sonic explorations of entirely synthesized sound. 

Harsh, brutal, industrial, long-form.

High volume is recommended for best results.

Available for streaming and purchase NOW exclusively at:

https://pentamethdemon.bandcamp.com/ (download will be available starting Friday, September 4)

A portion of the purchase will go towards human rights organizations. 

Is this The Year of The Goat?

You're goddamned right it is.